Have you ever just sat back and wondered why you have not found the perfect man? Sometimes finding the perfect man for you can be a life long process or very short like it was for me, there are many many many tactics for finding the perfect man but I believe that it is just changing the way you think. There are many things that you could probably be doing that would land you your dream man.


The key word in all of this is the word MAN, we all want men not little boys so its time we start looking for MEN not BOYS. We all want a man not many of us want a boy, so we must stop attracting boys. So your probably asking yourself how do I stop attracting boys? Well first off boys like girls which means we need to act like a woman to attract a man and stop acting like a little girl. If you are immature then more than likely you are going to attract someone who is immature, be the kind of person that you want the man you are trying to attract to be.  More than likely you will not find a man hanging out in a club you will find a man sitting at a nice bar drinking a glass of whiskey.

The moral to this story is a MAN wants a WOMAN and a BOY wants a GIRL.




Fall is officially here, which means a brand new set of fashion and trends. While I am not a trend following person it is still important to be aware of the trends around you. Trends are good to be aware of for many reasons, you need to know what the economy is doing as well as culture and technology. Fall 2015 is known to be the mix matched season, meaning fashion will be going in a multitude of directions, for example there is no set hem length, style and color palate. You will see an abundance of embellishment which is a huge symbol of what our economy is doing. Embellishments are only in an abundance when the economy is doing well because they are more costly as well as time consuming to put into your garments. Then on the other side minimalism is still something that is on trend for this season especially among celebrity’s which shows they are dressing more like the common people.  This season is like putting a puzzle together, however; that puzzle being your own and finding where your pieces fit together.

Color is my favorite thing to talk about because we all buy for one thing most of the time and that is color. When you go through a store you notice the colors you like then you try on pretty much everything in that color. This season there is emphasis on an odd color palate for a fall season with a lot of focus on pastels, however; you do not have to throw out your dark clothes for fall they are still very much so a trend for this fall.  These colors are very odd for fall and look very much like spring but don’t let that deceive you the use of the pastels is more so in outerwear. You will see shades like blush, baby blue, maroon, marsala, midnight blue, lime green and hot pink.

fall color trends

The multitude of fabric this season is completely baffling to me, I can not even wrap my head around it. Textured fabrics are everywhere this season from fur to metallic fabrics. There is a large emphasis on plaid with in this seasons trends wither it be over sized or on chambray it is everywhere. Everything is leaning towards being more modern than anything. The fur trend has continued just with more of a vibrant color with in the fur. Metallic leather is very much so a trend this season as well as suede. fall fabric trend


If you do not already know I wear heels almost daily and if I don’t it is one bad day for this princess. I am constantly getting asked “Kenedi, how in the world do you wear heels everyday?,” well instead of just replying and saying “I just do” I am going to give you some tips to help you have pain free days.


You have to train for marathons don’t you? So, what exactly is different you have to train your feet and you legs to walk all of those miles in heels. You can do a number of simple things to train your feet and heels; however, I tend to stick to the same way every time. Its as simple as putting on your heels and clean your house, so simple right?!


Breaking in shoes is an absolute must! Just like a pair of jeans they get better and better the more you wear them. If you’re a girl who wears heels for every occasion slip them on while grocery shopping. (Shorter the time you wear them the less they hurt.)


To ensure you can wear your heels all day when you drive simply just take them off and cruise barefoot. Make sure you remember to put them back on ;).