Have you ever just sat back and wondered why you have not found the perfect man? Sometimes finding the perfect man for you can be a life long process or very short like it was for me, there are many many many tactics for finding the perfect man but I believe that it is just changing the way you think. There are many things that you could probably be doing that would land you your dream man.


The key word in all of this is the word MAN, we all want men not little boys so its time we start looking for MEN not BOYS. We all want a man not many of us want a boy, so we must stop attracting boys. So your probably asking yourself how do I stop attracting boys? Well first off boys like girls which means we need to act like a woman to attract a man and stop acting like a little girl. If you are immature then more than likely you are going to attract someone who is immature, be the kind of person that you want the man you are trying to attract to be.  More than likely you will not find a man hanging out in a club you will find a man sitting at a nice bar drinking a glass of whiskey.

The moral to this story is a MAN wants a WOMAN and a BOY wants a GIRL.




Fall is officially here, which means a brand new set of fashion and trends. While I am not a trend following person it is still important to be aware of the trends around you. Trends are good to be aware of for many reasons, you need to know what the economy is doing as well as culture and technology. Fall 2015 is known to be the mix matched season, meaning fashion will be going in a multitude of directions, for example there is no set hem length, style and color palate. You will see an abundance of embellishment which is a huge symbol of what our economy is doing. Embellishments are only in an abundance when the economy is doing well because they are more costly as well as time consuming to put into your garments. Then on the other side minimalism is still something that is on trend for this season especially among celebrity’s which shows they are dressing more like the common people.  This season is like putting a puzzle together, however; that puzzle being your own and finding where your pieces fit together.

Color is my favorite thing to talk about because we all buy for one thing most of the time and that is color. When you go through a store you notice the colors you like then you try on pretty much everything in that color. This season there is emphasis on an odd color palate for a fall season with a lot of focus on pastels, however; you do not have to throw out your dark clothes for fall they are still very much so a trend for this fall.  These colors are very odd for fall and look very much like spring but don’t let that deceive you the use of the pastels is more so in outerwear. You will see shades like blush, baby blue, maroon, marsala, midnight blue, lime green and hot pink.

fall color trends

The multitude of fabric this season is completely baffling to me, I can not even wrap my head around it. Textured fabrics are everywhere this season from fur to metallic fabrics. There is a large emphasis on plaid with in this seasons trends wither it be over sized or on chambray it is everywhere. Everything is leaning towards being more modern than anything. The fur trend has continued just with more of a vibrant color with in the fur. Metallic leather is very much so a trend this season as well as suede. fall fabric trend


On this rainy Saturday, I decided instead of sitting on my couch in my pajamas and watching Netflix all day I would take a short little trip up the road to Charlotte and support my fellow students who were showcasing there designs at the Mini Maker Faire.  There were about 5-6 designers from The Art Institute of Charlotte who showcased their designs under the theme of fashion and technology. You are probably wondering how the heck that is done, well you are not alone on that one, I wondered that myself.

Each of the designers took a different twist on implementing technology into their designs from the use of a 3D pen to the use of lights within their garments. Patrick Tai, who I absolutely privileged, to call my friend used a 3D pen to construct every detail of his designs as well as a 3D printer to print his jewelry and styled his models in futuristic glasses. He did an excellent job, not only in the use of technology within, but the way he showed three garments in a very cohesive manor. Then my absolutely fabulous Nouveau Fashion Club vice president  Jenny showcased her design AND modeled it, I know she is truly a rock star. Her design was a white sheath dress with washers sewn on the dress as embellishments, but that is not the most fabulous part she made a clutch out of metal screen with washers attached. Two designers implemented lights into their garments while one was cosplay and the other was more avant-garde. The one that was more of a cosplay design went with a steam punk look which had glasses and an umbrella with lights (I know awesome, right?!) and the other designer’s garments were made to look like lamps and light bulbs. The designer made the garments that resembled light bulbs and lamps had shoes with lights as well as a headband as a socket.

Detail on Jenny Funes dress 2015-10-10 15.15.49The lampshade garmentdesigner wearing light socket headbandPatrick Thai and his garments

Along with the fashion and technology show they had a recycled fashion show where Edelweiss De Guzman showcased her and her business partners designs. They had a variety of dresses made out of anything you can think of, from condoms to interior textiles. The designs were so uniquely beautiful and innovative in the choice of material used as well as in the construction of the garments themselves. Words can not begin to describe how fabulous and innovative these designs were.

2015-10-10 15.02.472015-10-10 15.02.57

P.S. excuse my poor photography, I am not in anyway shape or form a photographer.


Classic… Lets just take a moment to think about that word. What does classic mean? What does classic stand for? And above all what does classic portray? Classic could mean a multitude of things depending on the way you think. To some  classic may mean timeless and to others it may mean something that will with stand time. Notice that with both of those ways of thinking there are two things in common, the word TIME. Yes something classic means it will last and with stand and stay in style over a period of time. As far as classic goes it stands for someone being timeless, think of Audrey Hepburn when think about classic. If we threw her back in to society today yes she might be outdated a little but what she wears will still be classic as well as the way she acts.

Trendy, that crazy “T” word that we use in fashion. Trends are something that is in style for a short period of time then falls out of style. Yes, we all have trendy items in our wardrobe and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Trendy items are something that you can buy and might sit in your closet and be out of style before you even have the chance to wear it and we don’t want that at all. So instead of buying a bunch of trendy items why don’t we concentrate on buying classics and pairing them with a trendy accessory? It makes more sense right? You can always change a classic by using accessories to make it seem more trendy.



When you get up in the morning and get dressed do you do it because you have to or because you want to? Your answer to that very question may be career and simply just life changing.  The day that you decide to get up and get dressed for yourself is when you will find yourself doing great things and feel great while doing it. Its a way of life and of course your choice and not anyone’s choice but your own.

While chatting with Valerie Cullen I realized that many women do not get up in the morning and get dressed because they have to, they get ready because they WANT to.  These women choose a way of life that is different from any other way of life, they constantly are giving themselves the confidence boost that most women need. Women look everywhere for any type of confidence boost they can get, it is what we as women do.

Other than just boosting your confidence you become someone who seems to have it all together when everything is falling apart. On the outside you look like you just like a freshly tailored Chanel suit, while on the inside you might be stressed or really anything but put together.

People will begin to look at you in more of a professional way because you are bound to reach your dreams, you are determined to get up and pull yourself together everyday.



This heat wave is truly something else, I can’t even walk outside with out almost dying. Everyday I wake up and think what is this and why do does mother nature hate me. It’s so (BEEEEEP) hot outside that none of my cute chiffon garments are even close to being comfortable. I do understand that it is a true tragedy; however, I can make myself see the bright side of the situation which means I get to shop. Plus with this heat what can a girl do but shop, nothing absolutely nothing. So here lately I have been going to my favorite stores and stocking up on items that will help keep me cool in this crazy heat. I have found out along the way that I have two things I have became obsessed with; crop top and short sets and cotton tanks. First off crop top and short sets are very difficult to find in my size and they are hard to find in general. BUT, GOOD NEWS! I found one in target and am obsessed with it. On to other things such as these tank tops that I am also obsessed with but luckily I can find them pretty much every where. My favorite one is from Nordstrom  but I have found lots I love from everywhere. But stay safe out there in this heat wave and go shopping.