On this rainy Saturday, I decided instead of sitting on my couch in my pajamas and watching Netflix all day I would take a short little trip up the road to Charlotte and support my fellow students who were showcasing there designs at the Mini Maker Faire.  There were about 5-6 designers from The Art Institute of Charlotte who showcased their designs under the theme of fashion and technology. You are probably wondering how the heck that is done, well you are not alone on that one, I wondered that myself.

Each of the designers took a different twist on implementing technology into their designs from the use of a 3D pen to the use of lights within their garments. Patrick Tai, who I absolutely privileged, to call my friend used a 3D pen to construct every detail of his designs as well as a 3D printer to print his jewelry and styled his models in futuristic glasses. He did an excellent job, not only in the use of technology within, but the way he showed three garments in a very cohesive manor. Then my absolutely fabulous Nouveau Fashion Club vice president  Jenny showcased her design AND modeled it, I know she is truly a rock star. Her design was a white sheath dress with washers sewn on the dress as embellishments, but that is not the most fabulous part she made a clutch out of metal screen with washers attached. Two designers implemented lights into their garments while one was cosplay and the other was more avant-garde. The one that was more of a cosplay design went with a steam punk look which had glasses and an umbrella with lights (I know awesome, right?!) and the other designer’s garments were made to look like lamps and light bulbs. The designer made the garments that resembled light bulbs and lamps had shoes with lights as well as a headband as a socket.

Detail on Jenny Funes dress 2015-10-10 15.15.49The lampshade garmentdesigner wearing light socket headbandPatrick Thai and his garments

Along with the fashion and technology show they had a recycled fashion show where Edelweiss De Guzman showcased her and her business partners designs. They had a variety of dresses made out of anything you can think of, from condoms to interior textiles. The designs were so uniquely beautiful and innovative in the choice of material used as well as in the construction of the garments themselves. Words can not begin to describe how fabulous and innovative these designs were.

2015-10-10 15.02.472015-10-10 15.02.57

P.S. excuse my poor photography, I am not in anyway shape or form a photographer.


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Fashion marketing student at The Art Institute of charlotte. From a small summer town and I am absolutely in love with it. True lover of fashion


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