I have 3 big things that you should spend a decent amount of money on as far as fashion is concerned.


Shoes are something i believe that you should spend a good bit of money on for many reasons. One reason being that they are your shoes and you will be on your feet all day so, YES those $150 shoes are better than the $49 pair. Your feet will thank you later.


What is one thing you use to carry everything important in your life every single day? Oh right, your handbag. That’s the main reason why you should invest in a good quality hand bag.  Plus you will get the use out of it!


Sunglasses fall in the same boat as shoes, they are more so for self protection than anything. You want to prrotect your eyes from those crazy sun rays that cause all that damage but also want them to be cute. Also pay the extra for polarized lenses, you will be so grateful for that save.



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Fashion marketing student at The Art Institute of charlotte. From a small summer town and I am absolutely in love with it. True lover of fashion

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