Fur Vests

Since fur vests are all the rage this season… I’m sure many people have the same problems I do, such as where do you find them and how do you style your fur vest. Well I sure have done my research and found you all many fur vests in many different colors. ( Ill give you all the details on down.) So on to how you style your fur vest, so I know all you lovely ladies have many shift and maxi dresses in your closets.. With that being said take one of those fabulous fur vests and throw it on with your maxi or shift dress and there is option #1. On to option #2, throw on one of your favorite blouses and toss one of those cuties over top of it, put on some fabulous skinny jeans and boots and you are ready to go. Option #3, this is a new way I’ve seen fur vests being worn this season, take your very adorable maxi skirt put on a denim top and a fur vest and you are ready to go! Can’t wait to see how you all are rocking this trend!


  • Not To Be Fur-Gotten Faux Fur Vest- $78
  • Fur-Ever Mine Faux Fur Vest -$56
  • Wild At Heart Fur Vest-Oatmeal – $52
  • Live To Be Free-Camel-Smoke -$64
  • Love Stitch: Rebel Without A Cause-Chocolate-$88


  • BB Dakota Stanic Vest-$48


  • Fur-Ever Flawless- $80


  • Fur Vest With Waist Seam – $99.90


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Fashion marketing student at The Art Institute of charlotte. From a small summer town and I am absolutely in love with it. True lover of fashion

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